Laptop Rack

Compaq laptop for running Logic:

Awai Tape Deck:

Sony DAT DTC690:

Marantz CD63 CD Player:

Technics Amp for average hi-fi monitoring:


Rack #3
Tascam CD4000 MKII CD Copier:
PreSonus 8 channel compressor/
limiter with full midi control:
Tascam DA-30MKII DAT Recorder
used for copying DAT's:
Mackie Power Supply for mixing desk:
Alesis RA100 Power Amp for
studio monitors:

Sony portable dictation tape
recorder for recording music ideas
-so I don't forget them!


Back Rack #1
Ultraflex II - Enhancer:
Behringer - Composer:
Yamaha REV500 Reverb:
Lexicon MPX100 Multi Effects:
MPX1 #1 - for guitars:
MPX1 #2 - for misc:
Roland SRV-3030 24 Bit Digital Reverb:
Behringer Patch Bay:
Yamaha D1500 Delay (mono) #1:
Yamaha D1500 Delay (mono) #2:
Yamaha REV500 Reverb -
for drums (ambience):
Behringer MasterCom - mastering
compressor (overdubs of drums):
Behringer Composer - Kick & Snare
(compression for drum machines):


Back Rack #2
MTR Patch Bay:
Alesis Midiverb II:
Alesis D4 Drum Module for rough demos:
Roland M-BD1 Bass & Drum Module:
Emagic Unitor8 MKII Midi/Sympte
Sync Unit:
TC Finalizer Plus - Studio Mastering
Roland A-880 Midi Patch Bay:
Roland JV880-Multitimbral
Synthesizer Module:
Roland U-110 PCM Sound Module:
Roland M-US1 Vintage Synth Module:
Roland M-SE1 String Ensemble:
Roland M-OC1 Orchestra Module:

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