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Musical Education:
Classical Guitar - Studied with Prof. W.Grandison
(Trinity College) and Harpsichordist D.Galbraith.
Electric Guitar - Self taught.

1986-2008 UK, Europe and USA with Phil Hilborne Band and Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden).
Many live demonstrations and clinics for leading music companies; including Gibson, Ampeg, Cornford, Vigier, Paiste, Sonor, Zildjian, PRS, Washburn, Fender, Seymour Duncan, Larrivée, Beyer Dynamic, Kitty Hawk, Crate, Hohner, Ernie Ball, Marshall, Premier etc.

For the past 18 years Phil has been part of Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain's touring clinic band and has done many successful gigs/tours with him including his 'Rhythms Of The Beast' and 'Return Of The Beast' tours, Frankfurt Music Messe 1993, 1994, 2003, 2004, Drummer Live Show 2004, 2005, 2006 and the London Guitar Show 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 (with Nicko), 1993 (without Nicko), London International Music Show 2008 (without Nicko).

Flashback MME Arena Tour USA 2008

Other Live Performances:
Since 2002 Phil has regularly performed in the hugely successful Queen/Ben Elton musical 'We Will Rock You' at the Dominion Theatre in London's West End.
Phil has performed at the show with Brian May on several occasions.

Over the years Phil has performed with many well known artists including:
John Entwistle (The Who), Glen Hughes (Deep Purple), Keith Emerson (ELP/The Nice), Martin Taylor, Geoff Whitehorn (Procul Harum/Paul Rodgers), Ace (Skunk Anansie), Snails Pace Slim (Hamsters), Mo Foster (Phil Collins/Jeff Beck), Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, Dave Murray, Blaze Bayley, Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Brian May (Queen), Eric Roche, Clive Carrol, Dan Huff (Giant/Shania Twain), Neil Murray (Whitesnake/Black Sabbath), Narada Michael Walden (Mahavishnu Orchestra/Jeff Beck), Frank Gambale (Chick Corea), Rob Harris (Jamiroquai), Wurzel & Phil Campbell (Motorhead), Ted McKenna (Alex Harvey/MSG), Lee Hodgson, Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), Vinnie Moore (UFO), Mel Galley (Trapeze/Whitesnake), Hannah Jane Fox (WWRY), Benny Gallagher (Gallagher and Lyle), Rowan Robertson (Dio), Aziz Ibrahim (Stone Roses), Don Airey (Ozzy Osbourne/Deep Purple), Jaz Lochrie (Bad Company), Paul Samson (Samson), Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions), Peter Johansson (WWRY).

Music Editor:
Guitarist magazine (1985-1995)
Music/CD Editor:
Guitar Techniques magazine (1994-2003)
Contributing Editor (2003-)
Curriculum Director - Brighton Institute of Modern Music (2002-2005)
Musical Director - National Youth Rock Orchestra (NYRO) (2005-)

Held numerous guitar clinics in the UK and Europe, including the prestigious Bath International Guitar Festival (1999-2006)
Head of guitar at Felsted music school (1993-1999)
Visiting faculty; MI London, Guitar Institute Acton, Brighton Institute of Modern Music, Guitar X London, Euro Institute of Music - Malta, Runcorn College of Performing Arts, Academy of Music & Sound, Guitar Break.

Privately Phil has taught literally thousands of guitarists.
Ex-pupils have gone on to or have worked in bands such as Bonnie Tyler, Ronnie James Dio, 2 Die 4, Slade, Matchbox, The Wildhearts, Kevin Dubrow (ex-Quiet Riot), It Bites, Mel & Kim, Pepsi & Shirley, Illegal Eagles, The Kooks, Australian Pink Floyd, 'We Will Rock You' London, Vienna, Zurich.

Phil has also taught one guitarist of the year winner, three finalists and one Ernie Ball Jam 2000 winner.
Three ex-pupils currently work as contributors to Guitar Techniques magazine.

Contributor to Lick Library.

In 2007 Phil hosted two Steve Vai Master classes for the London International Music Show at Excel.

Phil Hilborne Band: Are You Serious? (1992)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'Bout Time' (1993)
Phil Hilborne Band: 15th Anniversary Album (2001)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'S.R.O.' featured track on:
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD (2000)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'The Yogurt Man' featured track on:
Fret-King Compilation CD (2001)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'Strange But True' featured track on:
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD (2001)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'Strange But True', 'S.R.O.' featured tracks on: Cornford 2002 'Amp Odyssey' (2002)
Phil Hilborne: 'Romeo And Juliet' featured track on:
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD (2002)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'Strange But True' featured track on:
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD (2003)
Phil Hilborne Band: 'S.R.O.' featured track on:
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD (2004)
Keeley Pedal Demos (2006/2007)
Listen to Keeley Metal Zone demo >>

Listen to Keeley Vox Mellow Wah demo >>
London Guitar Show website music (2007)
Listen to LGS track here >>
Moonphaser Demo (2008)

*Used as theme tune to Tommy Vance's BBC Radio1
  Friday Rock Show.

Guest on John McEnroe, Pat Cash, Roger Daltrey,
Steve Harris, Nicko McBrain single: 'Rock And Roll'.

Other Albums/Recordings:
In Colour: Now Or Never [single] (1987)
Angel Easy: Lightning Strikes (1990)
Angel Easy: Angel Easy (1992)
Geoff Whitehorn: Big In Gravesend (1994)
Drome: Overload (1996)
Maria Kern: Tension And Harmony (1996)
Bassist Magazine CD (1997)
Brian Connoly's Sweet: 4 track CD (1997)
Memphis Roots: Things Change (1998)
Eric Roche: The Perc-U-Lator (1999)
Blaze Bayley: Silicon Messiah [co-writer] (2000)
Greg Fitch: This Is Greg Fitch (2000)
Mark Cherrie: Unplugged (2000)
Eric Roche: Spin (2001)
Mark Cherrie: Full on Metal (2001)
The Definitive Brian Connoly's Sweet
[2 tracks-Magic Circle & Rock 'N' Roll Disgrace] (2001)
Guitar solo from Magic Circle >>
Tony Muschamp/Frank Gambale: More Bass Please [Wombat Records] (2002)
Geoff Whitehorn: Geoff Who? 2002 (2002)
The Hamsters: 'Open All Hours' (2004)
Jeff Green: 'Jessica' (2008) Jessica Review >>
Jamie Humphries and Jason Campbell: 'J' (2008)

100 plus Guitar Techniques Magazine CDs (1994-)
Guitar Total [Spain] CD (1999-)
Various tracks for Guitarist magazine CD's,
Total Accuracy CDs and Total Guitar CD's.

Dave Kilminster/Fraser T Smith: Playing With Fire (1996)
Lee Hodgson: Hot Country Book CD (1997)
B.C.Sweet: 4 track CD (1997)
Memphis Roots: Things Change (1998)
Ernie Ball/Musicman: Demo Tracks (1998)
David Mead: Guitar Workout Book CD (1999)
Eric Roche: The Perc-U-Lator (1999)
Gene Lab: Anorak Lou [Unplugged] (1999)
David Mead: 100 Guitar Tips Book CD (2000)
Greg Fitch: This Is Greg Fitch (2000)
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD
[4 Tracks] (2000)
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD
[3 Tracks] (2001)
Fret-King Compilation CD [2 Tracks] (2001)
Eric Roche: Spin (2001)
Modicum: (2001) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Pete Riley: Double Trouble Book CD (2001) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Martin Taylor: Guitar Method [Mel Bay] (2002)
David Mead: 100 Acoustic Guitar Tips (2002)
Cornford 2002 'Amp Odyssey' (2002)
Bath International Guitar Festival Compilation CD
[2 Tracks] (2002)
Guthrie Govan: Creative Guitar Books 1 and 2 CD's [Sanctuary Publishing] (2002)
The Fellowship:(2002) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
No Regrets:(2002) - Compiled/Mastered
Zakk Barrett: '11 by 4' (2002) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Adrian Legg: Guitar Bones [Favored Nations] (2003)
David Mead: Chords & Scales [Sanctuary Publishing] (2003) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Jane: Up Close & Real (2003) - Compiled/Mastered
Pete Riley: '100 Tips For Drums' Book CD [Sanctuary Publishing] (2003) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Roger Kain: 'The Complete Vocal Workout' [Sanctuary Publishing] (2003) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
David Mead: '100 Tips For Blues Guitar' [Sanctuary Publishing] (2003) - Compiled/Mastered/Edited
Clive Carroll: 'Pachelbel's Canon' [BMG/RCA Victor] (2003) - Mastered/Edited
BIMM Technical Development CD (2003)
Roger Kain: 'Extreme Vocal Workout' [Sanctuary Publishing] (2004)
The Hamsters: 'Open All Hours' (2004)
Adrian Legg: Inheritance [Favored Nations] (2004)
Adrian Legg: 'Live' (2006)
Neil Murray: 'René Thomsens ‘Ruthless’ album – ‘Scream For Me’ (2007)
The Who playalong CD [Faber Publishing] (2008)
Jeff Green: 'Jessica' (2008) Jessica Review >>
Clive Swift/Stuart Morely: 'Just Pastiche' (2008)

Numerous sessions for TV and Radio including a documentary for the BBC Open University 'Studies in Music, Interpretation & Analysis, The Appropriation of Classical Music in Heavy Metal'. Phil's appearances on TV include: BBC Breakfast, BBC News 24, Channel 4 (Musicool mentor), BBC1 (sessions).

Phil has written literally hundreds of articles for guitar magazines:
'Guitarist' (1985-1995) 'Solo Analysis Playing Rock Guitar' [series], 'Style Files' and numerous interviews.
'Guitar Techniques' (1995-current) 'Phil Hilborne's A-Z of Great Riff's' [series], '1 Minute Lick' [series] plus many song transcriptions and DVD features.
Other magazines that have used Phil's work include:
'Guitar World' (USA), 'Guitar Player' (USA), 'Total Guitar' (UK), 'Rhythm' (UK), 'Bassist' (UK), 'Play Music' (UK), 'Guitar' (France), 'Guitarista' (Spain).

Solo (1987)
Led Zeppelin Off The Record (1988)
Contributor to Harry Shapiro and Caesar Glebbeek:
Jimi Hendrix Electric Gypsy (1990)
Elton John Rockscore (1991)
Reijo Hittunen's Chord Method [Editor] (1993)
Contributor to The Techniques Series 'Unplugged' [Sanctuary Publishing] (1996)
Featured Artist/Contributor to 'Seventeen Watts'
Mo Foster [Sanctuary Publishing] (1997)
'Hang on to a Dream - The Story of The Nice' by Martyn Hanson [Helter Skelter] (2002) - Featured Artist
'Creative Guitar 3 - Effects and Recording' [Sanctuary Publishing] (2003)
A Guitarists FAQ (contributor) [Sanctuary Publishing] (2008)
Queen Greatest Hits 1 [Faber Publishing] (2008)

Instructional Video:
Phil Hilborne Rock Basics [Warner Bros] (1992)
5 Queen tracks for [Queen] (2007)
Numerous workshops for Guitar Techniques DVD (2007+)

Phil been interviewed on many occasions - some recent can be found at - , (a very long one!), (audio).

Phil Hilborne uses and endorses
Cornford Amplification Paul Reed Smith Cordial Pedal Train
Fret King Guitars Native Instruments Picato Strings
Rocktron Trantec KTS Musical Products Toon Tracks
Professional Music Technology Analysis Plus Dunlop Tascam

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