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Comments by Mark Kirkman on 02 November 2005 at 10:26 IP Logged
Nice to see you're still at it, old friend. Where are you and Frosty playing next? Come and have a blow with us (Beggar) sometime. See you soon. Mark Kirkman.
United Kingdom

Comments by Stu Crossley on 27 October 2005 at 16:00 IP Logged
Hey phil. I saw your show with nicko mcbrain about a month ago at the spot in derby; It ruled! Great show man.
United Kingdom

Comments by powerlsave on 26 October 2005 at 22:28 IP Logged
i saw u Nicko and Andy in manchester.U were great.That solo u played behind your head was awesome.
u are a brilliant guitarist soon as i heard your wah i was watching u more than nicko.the tapping in moby dick was cool too
thanks for a brilliant night
United Kingdom

Comments by Marc Taylor on 20 October 2005 at 11:57 IP Logged
I'm a bit late, I know. But I just read the sad news about Eric Roche.
Eric tought me at the Musicians Institute for Beginners level one guitar & I thought he was a fantasicly cool guy and a gentleman & a genius on the accoustic guitar.
I remember feeling very proud that my awesome teacher had gotten into the magazine world when I saw his name on cover CD's.
I am very saddened to hear about his passing. I'll never forget "Tedious Blues in A", as he called it :)
RIP Eric
-Marc Taylor
United Kingdom

Comments by grahem brennan on 15 October 2005 at 10:48 IP Logged
I know i am probably pissing in the wind but is it possible to book the band on November 25 .. you are the best group i have ever seen in a pub i watched you in Hastings, Maidstone , London in the early nineties n you rocked .Its my 40th birthday bash and i realise you probably dont do pubs anymore but please consider a long standing fan in his hour of need . If not i understand ....... p.s. i have dosh !
United Kingdom

Comments by Paul Overton on 11 October 2005 at 03:14 IP Logged
I was at the Edinborough gig - the show was amazing. Phil Andy and Nicko player there arses off! - come back soon pleeeeease.
United Kingdom

Comments by Chris on 08 October 2005 at 11:58 IP Logged
Just wanted to say, i saw you at the Nicko McBrain roadshow in Cardiff, and your bloody amazing!!!
United Kingdom

Comments by Jeff Guilford on 07 October 2005 at 17:05 IP Logged
Hi Phil, Thanks for calling to let me know you were in Derby on Sept 29th. It was really great to meet up after way too long..Brilliant to catch up with Andy and Nico and what a great show.You're great mate hope to see you again soon...cheers..JeffHi Phil
United Kingdom

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