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Comments by Chris Jack on 12 March 2007 at 14:22 IP Logged
Hi Phil
The CD arrived and I got to listen to it for a day, until my brother inlaw run off with it. It really brought back good memories.

Comments by Paul Stickles on 02 March 2007 at 00:09 IP Logged
Hey Phil, How's it goin? Hope to catch up with you again soon. Take it easy mate.
United Kingdom

Comments by Russell Connor on 02 February 2007 at 20:09 IP Logged
Hi Phil, hope you are well.I hear you are playing in London in April. I have a friend at work who is trying to break through into the photography business. Shes a big fan and would like permission to take some pics of you there for her portfolio. Would this be OK and If so how would she go about appplying for permission to do this? I look forward to meeting you soon when your out treading the boards again.
PS can you believe I still try to play and I am still as well bad as I ever was!
United Kingdom

Comments by Chris Jack on 31 December 2006 at 18:22 IP Logged
Hi Phil
I studied with you about 15 years ago (when I was 15 years old). My parents used to bring me from Rayleigh every 2 weeks.
Sorry I was lame with the theory! I remember just saying "teach me this song, teach me this song". You were an amazingly patient teacher.
Thank you
Chris Jack

Comments by Jeff on 28 December 2006 at 09:51 IP Logged
Hi Phil,
Sorry I have not spoken with you for a while. Just wishing you Great New Year.
All the best. Jeff
United Kingdom

Comments by Pool King on 22 December 2006 at 21:50 IP Logged
Dear Lord of Golf, one day you Will be mine Call you in the dawn of '07.
United Kingdom

Comments by Rob & Hazel on 25 November 2006 at 20:35 IP Logged
Hi Phil, its good to see you made it big. You are without boubt a star. Carry on rockin, best wishes from Rob and Hazel. (remembering the old days with fond memories).
United Kingdom

Comments by tom hills on 24 November 2006 at 11:03 IP Logged
hey phil, joined on 2004 IGF, still in awe. just wondering, is there anything Yngwie can play that you cant??anything??
United Kingdom

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