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November 2nd 2008
Masterclass in January
Phil is holding a special 2hr Masterclass in Bexhill, East Sussex on the 16th of Jan 09 at 7pm - for tickets/details please check out

November 1st 2008
Queen Guitar Rhapsodies
is a new cd featuring seventeen Queen songs arranged for classical guitar and orchestra. The album is by world renowned concert classical guitarist Carlos Bonell and was produced by David Young who is one of the guitarists Phil plays with in ‘We Will Rock You’.
Brian May has described “Love of My Life” from the album as “absolutely exquisite”.
Check it out!

September 17th 2008

PHFTB1 pedal - on the road
There have been quite a few players using Phil's FTB pedal in their rigs -
Phil (obviously), Jamie Humphries and Frank Gilken all used the pedal during the Flashback tour. Laurie Wisefield is also using it on the up-coming Tina Turner world tour as well - nice one!

PHFTB1 pedal >>

September 16th 2008
In the current (Autumn) issue of the Musician Union magazine 'Musician' there is an interview with guitarist Jamie Humphries' and in it he talks about having lessons with Phil and also the recent USA Flashback tour which they were on together - plus lots more about his own successful career as well.

September 8th 2008
Flashback Tour
The USA 'Flashback' tour has been postponed - there are lots of reasons for this - but mainly it was down to poor publicity and also the bad weather in the Southern USA didn't help either!. The tour will re-structure and most likely go out again early next year. In the meantime, Phil is on his way back home!

September 3rd 2008
Guitar and Bass Magazine
There is a 5 page feature 'Vintage - Private Collection' on Phil's guitar collection in the October 2008 edition of 'Guitar & Bass' magazine. The feature was written and photographed at WM Studios by Lars Mullen - he did a great job!
Check it out. . . . . . . .

September 1st 2008
Queen - C-lebrity
Phil has just finished work on the music to accompany the video of the new Queen and Paul Rogers single 'C-lebrity' the transcription/video can be downloaded from

August 31st 2008
Flashback interview
Phil was recently interviewed by Florida's Bradenton Hearald about the Flashback tour - click here to check it out . . . . .

July 19th 2008
Flashback website
The Flashback tour website has just gone live at -
there should be some video of rehearsals etc. going up on there soon too.
Also, there will soon be a weekly webcast containing footage of the rehearsals/tour being shown at -

July 15th 2008
J Album
The new album by Jamie Humphries and Jason Campbell - which also features Phil, Ritchie Kotzen and Pete Riley is now available from the shop section of the website.

July 2nd 2008
Mel Galley RIP
Mel Galley has sadly passed away. He was a fine guitarist, songwriter and singer having played with many internationally successful bands including Trapeze, Whitesnake, Phenomena and MGM. Phil and Andy Frost both played with him a couple of times in the past. He was a great bloke and will be very much missed.
We offer our sincere condolences to his family.

July 1st 2008
'Idle Hours'
Phil has just finished recording an extended 'trading' solo on a track called 'Idle Hours' which will appear on 'J' - the splendid soon-to-be released album by Jamie Humphries and Jason Campbell. This album has been a very loooooong time in the making and is well worth checking out!.
More info on the release date/availability very soon . . . . . . .

April 29th 2008
Flashback USA east coast tour
You may have noticed all the gigs that have been recently added to the guide. These are for a 50 plus date East Coast USA arena tour that Phil is doing along with Jamie Humphries, a full band and an orchestra. Musically, the tour involves playing lots of classic rock – should be fun!

April 23rd 2008
Who CD
Phil has just finished recording and mixing an 8 track ‘play along’ CD of  classic‘Who’ tracks for Faber publishing. The CDs will be released with accompanying books for Drummers, Guitarists and Bassists.

April 10th 2008
Hendrix Video
In the July issue of ‘Guitar Techniques’ magazine Phil has a DVD feature on 10 classic Jimi Hendrix riffs. The lesson lasts about 20 minutes and was filmed at WM Studios – check it out . . . . . . .

April 6th 2008
Moonphaser Demo
Phil has just recorded a new demo of the splendid ‘Moonphaser’ pedal. It is up now on their website:

March 20th 2008
Illegal Eagles Gig – Chelmsford Civic Centre
Last night Phil got up and played with the illegal Eagles at Chelmsford civic centre – the band was great! – Thanks a lot to Jeff Green, Keith Attack , Phil Aldridge and the rest of the band for a top night! – The gig was filmed so hopefully some footage will be available sometime in the future.

February 26th 2008
AOG Interview
There is a very in-depth interview with Phil (part 1) on the All Out Guitar website – Owen Edwards really knew his stuff and got a lot of info out of Phil! – Check it out . . . . . . .

February 24th 2008
Queen Greatest Hits 1 - Transcription Book
Work is now finished on the up-coming Faber book for ‘Queens Greatest Hits 1’
Phil worked with Tom Flemming and Brian May on the book. Many, many hours were spent painstakingly checking everything – so hopefully, it will be the most accurate Queen transcription book ever published. It should be released later this year.

January 26th 2008
John Denner CD
American Guitarist John Denner has been in the studio this week recording a track for his up-coming album with Phil, Jamie Humphries and Owen Edwards. The song is called ‘Is This Thing On?’ and should be released later this year. Phil also filmed a video with John that will be featured in an up-coming ‘Guitar Techniques’ DVD.

January 15th 2008
‘Jessica’ CD
Phil has just finished the recording and mixing on Jeff Green’s splendid new album ‘Jessica’. He plays on a couple of tracks too – ‘Tomorrow Never Came’ and ‘Live Forever’ (which has a trading guitar solo section between Jeff and Phil). You can buy the CD from Proceeds from the sale of the album are going to Southend General Hospital to help set up a bereavement room for grieving parents.

January 9th 2008
Malta Clinics
On the 13-16th December Phil went out to the Euro Institute Of music in Hamrun, Malta to give a series of masterclass clinics. The school and the students were great – and big thanks go to Marc Galea for organizing the event – nice one!

January 5th 2008
AMS Clinics
Phil finished his yearly AMS clinic tour in early December – he had a great time playing at all the UK centres.

January 1st 2008
Neil Murray – Rene’ Thomsen tracks
In October Neil Murray came to WM Studios to record some bass parts for René Thomsens ‘Ruthless’ album – ‘Scream For Me’. The album which should be released later this year also features members of Halford, Saxon, Accept and Krokus – for more info go to

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