NEWS 2012

Sun  30th December 2012
2012 Stuff!
Very sorry that it has been so very long since any 'new news' has appeared on here! 2012 has been a particularly hectic year which has seen a lot of gigging, sessions, writing, book editing and so on. But as well as this there has also been a lot of building work taking place at WM Studios - and a lot of video and trade show demos going on too. Hopefully, some of this work will surface very soon! As always, thanks so much for the great support:-) Wishing you all the best for 2013....

Fri  20th April 2012
Bert Weedon - RIP
Just over 2 weeks after the death of one of his best friends Jim Marshall - Bert Weedon has sadly passed away too. I had the privilege of knowing Bert as a friend for many years and we often crossed paths at various gigs, trade shows & other events. The last one I can remember was when he came along with his lovely wife Maggie and Jim Marshall to see me play at 'We Will Rock you' in London - a show which Bert loved. Anyone who ever met him will tell you that he was a real gentleman - always charming, always interested in others - and totally unaffected by his fame. He was also a huge inspiration and source of instruction for thousands upon thousands of guitarists. Our sincere condolences go out to Maggie and his family.

Thurs  5th April 2012
Jim Marshall - RIP
RIP Jim Marshall - 'The Father Of Loud' and a good friend for many, many years. I have very fond memories of the many demos and shows I played for Jim - most of which were with Nicko McBrain, Jaz Lochrie & Geoff Whitehorn- and even better memories of all the great socialising that went on afterwards too:-) His contribution to the music industry is as immeasurable as it is far-reaching. He will be greatly missed.

Tues  27th March 2012
Musikmesse Frankfurt
Had a great time in Frankfurt demoing for Hayden/Ashdown - once again I was playing with the great French bassist Pascal Mulot - Really big thanks to everyone that came along and watched us - the crowds were amazing!

Fri  27th January 2012
NAMM 2012
I have just got back from the 2012 NAMM show in Anaheim, California where I have had an amazing time demoing for Hayden Amps along with the great French bassist Pascal Mulot. Thanks to everyone who came over to hear us and for all at Hayden/Ashdown for looking after us so well.... Here's to next time!